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Long Distance or Interstate Move

Congratulations, We are happy to see that you are looking through all of the useful information we have put together for you benefit. We at
Forward Van Lines would like to thank you in advanced for you consideration. You are on the way to finding out some critical information about the process of finding,
researching and contracting a moving company for your upcoming long distance or interstate move. If at any time you have any questions or concerns and would like to talk
to one of our relocation agents please call us at:

1-855-7-FORWARD (1-855-736-7927) or email us at Info@ForwardVanLines.com

Moving from state to state can be a stressful experience; you as a consumer can minimize and even eliminate the stress from your upcoming relocation by doing all your homework.
It’s important to be upfront with your mover and express what your expectations are. Don’t assume anything about your move. The inns and outs of the moving industry can be very
complicated and there are many variables that a professional moving company such as Forward Van Lines must coordinate so that any given move occurs according to plan.
Because no moves is the same you must have a dedicated team of professional individuals that can plan, coordinate, assist and adjust according to your needs. So many things come
in to play when you are selling, buying or leasing a new home, office or other place of business. A closing may fall through or get postponed; a new lease may not be ready for
your occupation; because of all of these possible unforeseen variables you must choose a mover capable of adapting to your needs and communicate with you throughout the moving process from.
You would be comforted to know that here at Forward Van Lines we possess all of these important skills and strive for perfection in our service.

Forward Van Lines provides an exceptionally great moving service. We have developed a no hassle flat rate charge for your long distance or interstate moving needs. What we
do is take in to account all of the variables concerning your specific move and put together a price based on the amount of belongings such as boxes, furniture and other miscellaneous item;
we then take in to account any packing and materials that may be need to protect and prepare your items and the distance from origin to distention. Once we have determined all of these factors
we give you an all-inclusive flat rate price, which will cover your move. Its important to remember that there maybe additional charges at your destination that we may not know about. We
rely on information from our customers in order to prevent this uncomfortable last minuet charges, but it is important to remember that this can some time happen and you as consumer
should be prepared. Remember we are always standing by to answer any questions you may have and address all of you concerns.

With the help of Forward Van Lines we can take the pressure and stress off of your shoulders and on to ours. Our professional staff is standing by to help you with all of you relocation
needs no matter how big or small we do it all. Weather you are moving a box across the street or a factory around the world we are your one stop shop for any and every move.

As with all other types of moves there are certain things you as a consumer of moving services must know and do research on. Ask and have answers to the following questionsbefore choosing your mover.

  1. Is my mover licensed and where can I verify that license numbers match the company’s information?
  2. Am I required to pay a deposit to reserve a move?
  3. Is a written estimate required, will my mover provide one if I ask for an on-site estimate and is my estimate a guaranteed price?
  4. Can the price on a binding estimate be increased or changed?
  5. How long will it take for me to receive my shipment?And does the company have a good record of meeting its delivery schedules?
  6. Can I cancel my move after I booked a job with my mover?
  7. Will my shipment be the only shipment on the truck?
  8. Can my mover use subcontractors or agents?
  9. What type of protection does the company offer against loss or damage (full replacement cost, depreciated value, or the basic 60¢ per pound valuation carriers are required to provide)?
  10. How long has the company been in business?
  11. Does the company offer extra services, such as packing, unpacking and storage?
  12. Does the mover have a good reputation for settling claims?
  13. Does the company offer arbitration for claim disputes?
  14. Can the company provide proof of insurance coverage, general liability coverage, cargo coverage and physical damage?

Once you have answered these key questions, you should be ready to make the right decision for your mover of choice. We hope that by informing and educating you as a prospective customer of
Forward Van Lines you will consider our professional moving services.

Forward Van Lines.
Moving The world Forward!


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