Residential Moves


Residential Move.

Forward van Lines understands the challenges our consumers face when moving in Miami, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, Plantation, Davie and south Florida.

If you trust us with the contents of your home we wont let you down!

We have been welcomed in to homes since 1994 to provide exceptional moving service to our loyal customers. We take great care when moving your prized positions and take pride in the way we perform for our customers. Good isn’t good enough when it comes too moving, relocation, packing and storage services. You need the best and we at Forward Van lines can provide with the absolute best service.

We understand and respect your building and sub-division needs.

We know what your building and sub-division need from us. All you have to do is give us the contact information for the management or service agent and we will deal with the rest. We have all the insurance certificates your building requires. We will coordinate with your building for elevator appointment, time of operation, floor hallway and elevator protection, access for the required truck on the property and any thing else that may need to be arraigned.

We are handy and knowledgeable.

You can trust us to disassemble and reassembleyour furniture or any other item that may need special attention while being protected and prepared for moving. We also offer customized service for any type of custom-built furniture.

We know how to pack and protect.

Before actually moving your belongings it’s important to protect and pack. Forward Van Lines provides exceptional packing solutions for all your needs. We provide you with furniture protection at no charge. We can pack your entire home or just a few things. When we pack your item or items we guarantee their arrival at your destination in the same condition as when it was prior to being packed and moved.

We put our money where our mouth is.

When we give you a price for your move it’s guaranteed. We quote your move based on a list of items provided. We wont increase your rate if you have to take additional thing. We always stand behind our service. Don’t be naïve, sometime things happen and you need to deal with a company that can work with you if a problem arises or something gets damaged. We’re insured and have a unique way in dealing with our customers, that’s why 6 out of every 10 moves we do are either repeat or refried customers.





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