Drugs and narcotics. Firearms require a special permit.


– (Applicable to Non-EEC relocation only, i.e. imports coming from countries outside of the European Economic Commission)

Used household goods and personal effects may be imported duty-free into Belgium provided that they have been in the owner’s possession and used abroad for at least six months.


  • Photostat copy of passport showing picture and signature.
  • Non-valued inventory list or packing list in English, French or German signed in original by customer.
  • Signed questionnaire confirming all household goods are for personal use and owned more than 6 months
  • Copy town hall registration or substitute: a provisional registration – attestation of arrival (aankomstattest/attestation d’arrivée) from the Belgian commune of residence.
  • Copy letter of employment and/or any other documents proving that client lived at least one year in country of departure prior to his arrival in Belgium.
  • For returning Belgian citizens only: also a certificate of change of residence from the last Belgian commune of departure.
  • Original or Express ocean bill of lading or airway bill.
  • For diplomatic shipments only: customs form 136F and diplomatic attestation.


Duty free import will be allowed if importer was using vehicle at least 6 months before change of residence. The vehicle must be mentioned on the inventory list with full technical specifications (make, model, plate no., chassis no., year of construction, etc.). The following documents are required if it is not a diplomatic shipment:

  • title of registration / proof of insurance / purchase invoice
  • Photostat copy of passport showing picture and signature
  • Copy of letter of employment and / or any other documents proving that client has lived at least one year in country of departure prior to his arrival in Belgium
  • Copy of town hall registration or Belgian ID card mentioning the address.
  • If the shipment is a diplomatic shipment a 136F form is only required.

Wine and Liquor:

A detailed valued inventory list is required. Import duties and VAT will be due.


  • Dogs and cats under the age of 7-weeks old are prohibited unless the kittens or puppies are not yetweaned and traveling with their mother.
  • All pets must have an electronic identification microchip, ISO# 11784 & 11785.
  • Only rabies vaccinations administered after the implantation of the microchip will be considered valid.
  • A waiting period of 21 days after the rabies vaccination has been administered is required before ananimal is permitted to enter Belgium. (No exceptions will be made for kittens or puppies.)
  • Animals remaining in Belgium longer than 6 months must be registered with the ABIEC (BelgianAssociation for Identification and Registration of Dogs). A Belgian veterinarian can assist the ownerwith the registration.
  • A rabies vaccination certificate dated at least 30 days and not more than 1 year prior to entry is required.

New goods:

A detailed list and purchase invoices are required. Import duties and VAT will be due.
Important:This information is intended for general guidance. Forward Van Lines Internationalcannot take responsibility for any errors or oversights or for any loss or damage that may occur from its use. It is advisable to contact the nearest BelgiumConsulate office at most updated information prior to yourshipping.

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