Dear Agent,
You will be responsible for answering the calls that come in during our after hours so please be very professional, respectful, and use a clear voice. Once you know what the call is about, you will need to choose and complete one of the forms accordingly. After you choose the correct form you will need to ask and fill in the questions listed on that form with the answers provided by the caller. Once the form is completed, submit it and let the caller know someone will get back to them during business hours. Scroll down and you will find the three contact forms in which you will only complete one depending on what the customer is calling for. Included on top of all the contact forms there is a description box with examples detailing which form to choose. Scroll to bottom.

Below are the opening questions you will ask EVERY caller in order to begin the conversation:

Agent: Good morning/afternoon thank you for calling Forward Van Lines, are you looking for a moving quote or do you want to schedule a visual in home survey?

***Below you will find a few examples of some of the responses you will hear:

Agent: No problem, I can definitely help you with that. I will need a bit more information to further assist you so I’m just going to ask you a few questions.

At this point you will choose the form according to why they are calling and ask them the questions listed on that form.

This is our Contact Form. Complete this form if it’s an existing customer, if the customer needs to leave a message, or if they have any questions, concerns, or complaints/issues. Also use this form if the caller is a driver, employee, or for any other general enquiries. DO NOT use this form if the customer is looking for a quote, estimate, or wants a visual in home survey. Scenarios:

  • I need to speak with your manager.
  • I want to know when my items are being delivered?
  • My items are broken so I want to file a claim.
  • Can I speak with [person]?
  • Will they charge me more if I use more hours?
  • I’m the [person] who handles your marketing, may I speak with the manager?

Agency contact form

Agency contact form
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

This is our Lead Form. Complete this form ONLY if the customer is requesting a quote/estimate for a move. If the customer is looking for a quote, estimate, or needs a price this is the form you will use. You will also need to use this form if the customer wants to know what our rates or availability are. Scenarios:

  • I need a quote for a move.
  • I’m looking for a price to move to Florida.
  • I want an estimate to move on June 4th.
  • I want to know the price for a move to New York?
  • Are you guys available to move me Thursday?
  • Can you tell me what your hourly rate is?
  • I need storage, can you tell me the price?

This is our Visual In Home Survey Form. Complete this form if the customer is requesting for someone to go out to their home to perform a visual survey and provide them with a guaranteed price. If the customer wants to schedule an appointment for our surveyor to visit their home to price them please complete this form. If the customer wants to schedule a Virtual Survey which is done through a video call you will also need to fill this form.

  • I want someone to come out to give me a price.
  • I need someone to see my stuff so they can give me a flat price.
  • I want a guaranteed price, can someone come to my house?
  • How much does it cost for someone to come to my house to give me a price?
  • Is someone available to come to my house on Monday at 4pm to give me a price?
  • Can we do the survey over a video instead?
  • I don’t want no one to visit my house, what can we do instead?
  • I don’t want no one to visit my house but I want a flat price, can we do it over a video call?

***As a complementary service Visual In Home Surveys are free charge within the following counties: Miami-Dade, Broward, and West Palm Beach county.

***Since Virtual Surveys are done virtually on a video call and there is no set location to meet; the customer can be located anywhere and we’ll still perform the survey.

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