The following items are either prohibited or require a special license (please contact us for further details): Narcotics, firearms and ammunition, explosives including fireworks, obscene materials, goods made from endangered species and live plants.

Please note that used mattresses entering Canada May need to be fumigated prior to arrival.
If it is determined that you do need fumigation according to the chart below, please let us know and we will help you with the process.

To get an exemption, the client MUST do the following:

  1. Get B4 and inventory list stamped by Canadian customs at the port of arrival.
  2. Send the Originals back to you – the agent
  3. Make sure to give a copy of the stamped B4 and inventory documents to the driver that is picking up the shipment.
    He must have this at the border crossing.

If you need to fumigate, you will need to get a certificate of fumigation. The certificate needs to indicate the items that have been fumigated, the type of fumigant – ONLY Sulfuryl Fluoride (Vikane) is accepted, the rate per ounce and the min temperature of the fumigation process. The fumigated items need to be sealed in accordance with CBSA Memorandum D9-1-7, also known as the used mattress materials regulations.



  • Immigrants: This is any person moving to Canada, with the intention of establishing a residence for more than 12 months. An immigrant may import free of duty and taxes household and personal effects that were owned and used by him in his former country of residence.
  • Returning Canadians: May bring back duty free all household and personal effects including car, boat, aeroplane, provided they have been acquired and used six months prior to arrival in Canada. (After 5 years, the 6 months provision is eliminated). There is, however, a valuation limit placed on these goods of $10,000 per item which includes automobiles. Duty & taxes will be levied against any one item that exceeds that limitation. Canadians who have lived outside of Canada for less than 1 year are excluded from the speed program.


Personal attendance during customs clearance by the shipper is mandatory. The first declaration must be made at point of entry into Canada. At this time the shipper will need to submit two detailed lists, in duplicate. The first list should cover accompanying goods and the second should be marked “goods to follow”. It would be helpful to show values, makes, models and serial numbers. When the shipment arrives, a second personal declaration to Custom is required at the Customs point nearest final destinations.

Returning Canadian How long were you absent from Canada?less than 1 year->Need Fumigation – No Exemption
more than 1 year ->Qualify Exemption – See conditions below
Settler – Landed immigrant EXEMPTION Read below for conditions
Student visa Need Fumigation – No Exemption
Work permit Need Fumigation – No Exemption
Seasonal resident (Not Canadian) Need Fumigation – No Exemption


Landed Immigrant (Settlers) Requirements

  • Passport including the immigration identification validated upon arrival to Canada
  • Your ‘Goods to Follow List’ for all shipments, including values (English / French) – Detailed inventories.
  • Advice notice obtained from the moving company
  • All documentation proving ownership, possession and use
  • All receipts for new items being imported
  • Previous airport or US / Canada border declaration papers (B4A and B4E – see note – below – ARRIVING IN CANADA).
  • Liquor import declaration (if applicable)

Returning Canadians

  • Passport
  • Proof of residency and duration outside Canada (Foreign work permit / letter from employer / statement from Canadian Consulate at origin / rent receipts / foreign drivers license / etc.)
  • A complete list of all items being imported (English / French) – detailed inventories
  • Receipts of items purchased outside Canada (proof or ownership of minimum 6 months is required). Any one individual item with a value of less than $10,000 Cdn is entitled to be imported duty free.
  • Liquor import declaration (if applicable)
  • List of items with a value over $10,000 Cdn (including vehicles)
  • Previous airport or US / Canada border declaration papers (B4A and B4E -see note – below – ARRIVING IN CANADA)

Work Visa / Student Visa / Visitor Visa Requirements

  • Passport including a valid Visa issued by Canada Employment & Immigration
  • Advice Notice, obtained from the moving company
  • A complete list of all items being imported for your personal use while you remain in Canada (English / French) – detailed inventories
  • All documentation roving ownership, possession and use
  • All receipts for new items being imported
  • Previous airport or US / Canada border declaration papers (see note below)
  • Liquor import declaration (if applicable)


  1. All items imported must be for your personal use during your stay
  2. All goods must be exported when you leave Canada
  3. The goods may not be disposed of in Canada without Customs Authorisation

Seasonal Resident in Canada

Any person who is not a resident of Canada but owns a residential property or has leased a residence for at least 3 years for his / her personal use. Proof of purchase / copy of lease agreement is required.

  • Passport
  • A detailed list of all items being imported in English. Import of used household & personal effects is duty free on a ONE time entry basis only and the goods cannot be sold for at least 1 year.
  • Previous airport or US / Canada border declaration papers (B4A and B4E -see note – below – ARRIVING IN CANADA)

Inheritance or Gifts in Anticipation of Death Requirements

  • Personal identification
  • A detailed list of all items (English / French)
  • Advice Notice, obtained from the moving company
  • A copy of the Death Certificate, a copy of the will or a letter from the Executor of the Estate stating you are a beneficiary
  • A signed statement from the donor giving reason for the gift or a statement from the Executor of the Estate. (Gifts could be subject to import duties and taxes)
  • Previous airport or US / Canada border declaration papers (B4A and B4E )


Immigrants may import on a duty free basis an automobile that they have owned, used and had in their possession prior to coming to Canada. Returning residents who have lived outside Canada for a minimum of 1 year, and have owned, had in their possession and used a vehicle for at least 6 months may bring them in duty free. However, in all cases any vehicle less than 15 years old must comply with all Canadian safety and emission standards. Please note that not all autos made in the U.S. or made to US specifications meet Canadian standards. Any vehicle 15 years or older may be imported from countries other than the USA.DRIVER’S LICENSE
Importing a vehicle from the USA
Importing a vehicle from a country other then the USA
More info:
Landed immigrants on a work permit are allowed to drive a car on their original license for up to two months. After this period a test is required for the Canadian Province of residence driver’s license


All liquor is subject to duty and taxes. Do not ship wine between October 1 and March 31, to avoid the possibility of freezing. Liquor permits are required for any quantity in most provinces. Please check this with the local Canadian consulate.

Alcoholic Beverages:

It is better NOT to bring any alcohol since the shipment will go probably to examination. If your customer has more than 1.5 Liter of wine or 1.14 Liter of alcohol:


A rifle or shotgun for sporting purposes is not restricted. However, pistols, revolvers, or fully automatic firearms are restricted and a firearm permit is required. Special rules apply for shippers entering Canada on a work permit. Please check this with the local Canadian consulate.
Please read - For more info


Dogs, birds, livestock and horses must comply with health regulations and have appropriate vaccination documents.


Plants or plant material require a permit from the Department of Agriculture, Plant Products Division before arrival. Write to Agriculture Canada for a permit application. If you are arriving from the USA, you will need to contact your local US Department of Agriculture ( and obtain a “PHYTO Certificate”. Canadian Plan protection office: (416) 665-5055


Write for information to the Meat Inspection Division of the Department of Agriculture, Ottawa. Authority to import meat or meat products is necessary, otherwise they will be confiscated on arrival.


A copy of the will or estate document is required together with a copy of death certificate.


Wedding presents may be imported duty and tax free, without restrictions of possession and use, if you were married 3 months before arrival, or plan to be married within 3 months after arrival.

$10,000.00 LIMIT

Any single item of personal and household effects including a motor vehicle that was acquired after March 31, 1977 and is valued at more than $10,000.00 on the date of importation is subject to regular duties and taxes on the excess amount.


If a person has been residing outside Canada for at least one year, but less than 5 years, the personal and household effects must have been in ownership, possession and use for at least 6 months. After an absence of 5 years or more, the goods need only to have been in ownership, possession and use before returning to Canada; 6 months minimum does not apply.


Upon arrival into Canada as immigrant/returning Canadian or with a temporary VISA each person must report to Canada Immigration when there are goods to follow and obtain the B4A and B4E declaration form.

Additional Forms:

Map for Canada customs at the Toronto Airport
Personal Effects Declaration
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