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These instructions are designed to assist our customers with understanding the claim process. If you have any additional questions or concerns please contact us.


(This is provided for your convenience)

The following suggestions are intended to assist in the proper completion of the Presentation of loss/Damage Claim Form:

  1. No claim will be considered properly presented until Forward Van Lines has received the completed claim, signed by the claimant, accompanied by the required documents, and indicating a demand for a specific amount of money.
  2. Prepare the claim in duplicate. Retain one copy for your record.
  3. Note the following Details of Claim Section of the form (use of this form will facilitate handling).
  • Inventory Number: Whenever possible indicate the corresponding “number” shown on the mover’s inventory. On packed items, indicate the container number.
  • Description of Articles: Describe each item for which a claim is being made. If missing items are claimed, identify as accurately and completely as possible.
  • Nature of Claim: Indicate type, severity and location of damage on each article.
  • Age of Item

Item Weight

Replacement Price

  1. Amount Claimed: If claim is for damage enter only the cost of repairing, if known. If claim is for loss, enter replacement cost of missing items.
  1. On Claims for damages to household goods items, we require estimates for the repair of the items damaged.  Whenever possible, repair estimates should be made by an appliance/furniture repair firm on their letterhead.
  2. Surveys are required on all claims exceeding $1000.00 in damages. However, surveys have to be authorized first.


  1. Only fully substantiated claims can be honored and processed.
  2. Do not delay your claim submission pending your receipt or repair estimate or other supporting documents. If all required documents are not immediately available they may be subsequently submitted.
  3. All claims must be submitted directly to: Forward Van lines, 990 NW 11th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311.
  4. The claim process may take 2 to 8 weeks.
  5. If you purchased a 3rd party policy, you must file a claim with the 3rd party. Please refer to the form you received upon purchase for instructions and contact information.


  • Step 1– Registering Claim: the customer contacts the company to inform that damages and/or loss occurred during the move, via phone call or email. The customer must submit the claim in writing directly to Zip Transport and Services DBA Forward Van Lines within thirty (30) days of delivery.
  • Step 2 – Claim Registration Acknowledgement notice: once the registration of the claim is validated, a claim acknowledgment letter and a claim form are sent to the customer for its completion; at this point the customer is required to provide any further information, supporting documents and photographs of the damaged items (if any). The pictures should be self-explanatory and identified with the inventory number per item. Via regular mail or email in some cases.
  • Step 3 – Claim Procedure Package: once the company receives the executed form and all supporting documents, the claim is sent to the underwriting department for their evaluation.
  • Step 4 – Processing the claim Procedure Package: a claim adjuster reviews the claim/complaints and seeks a suitable resolution. The Adjuster takes everything into consideration and contacts all the involved parties accordingly. Once the evaluation is completed the adjuster determines a claim settlement amount and a settlement letter is sent to the customer.
  • Step 5 – Furnishing and Accepting Company’s Settlement: the settlement letter includes a description of how the claim was adjusted and a “Release of Settlement of Claim” form, this form shows the amount of the settlement and the conditions of accepting the settlement. At this time the customer is only required to sign and notarize the settlement letter before returning it within thirty (30) days. Once the form is mailed back payment is released.
  • Step 6 – Dispute Settlement Offer (if needed): it is our intention that the customer is satisfied with the resolution. A customer is able to file a second reevaluation of the claim. The dispute process is the opportunity to provide additional information to better support the claim or otherwise explain why the claimant is not happy with the result, if the customer is not satisfied with the settlement offer made, the customer has to send a request in writing for reevaluation via mail or email.
  • Step 7 – Arbitration: to initiate the arbitration process the customer simply has to inform the company of their intent to arbitrate. We are legally obligated to fully comply with any arbitration resolution. The administrative fee charged by the Forum is based on the amount of the claim in dispute. When the amount of the claim is $10,000 or less, the fee is $650 of which the consumer’s share $300 and the

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