Costa Rica


Costa Rica1Weapons and ammunition, Narcotics, Wireless telephones, Pornographic material


Documents required:

  • Visa for Residence
  • Inventory Documents
  • Residence Permit valid for one years stay

For Diplomats:

  • Exemption Certificate issued by the Embassy in Cyprus
  • For Offshore company expatriates, a C6 form must be provided for new items

Customer must be in country for customs clearance in order to sing customs declaration in the presence of the customs officer.

Used household goods and personal effects may be imported duty-free, but are subject to other taxes provided the goods are:

  • Intended for the personal use of the owner and his dependents, are not for resale, and Customer has resided less than a year in Cyprus during the last two years from the time of importation
  • In reasonable quantities
  • Imported within 12 months of the Customer
  • Owned for at least 12 months prior to their importation
  • Duty-free importation also depends on whether the Customer has resided outside of Cyprus for more than one year


One car per family duty-free, for returning Cypriots, provided they are taking up permanent residence in Cyprus, and had their permanent residence abroad for a period of at least 10 years

Foreigners may import autos provided they intend to take up permanent residence

Temporary importation up to one year duty-free if customer has been abroad more than one year during the past two years

Motorcycles are subject to duty

Documents required:

  • Vehicle Registration in owner’s name
  • Invoice
  • Passport
  • Local Road Insurance


  • Rabies Vaccination and Health Certificate
  • Import License from local Department of Veterinary Services
  • Six months home quarantine required

Important:This information is intended for general guidance. Forward Van Lines Internationalcannot take responsibility for any errors or oversights or for any loss or damage that may occur from its use. It is advisable to contact the CyprusEmbassy at most updated information prior to yourshipping.

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