Comparing Estimates Apples to Apples.

Compare between Binding and Non-Binding estimates. Trying to compare quotes in between competitors is not always easy and should be done with care and elegance! There is a lot more to comparing quotes then just the total quoted dollar amount.

Onsite Estimate = Guaranteed Price

To insure you are hiring a reputable company make sure to set up an in home Survey. A reputable mover will offer this service at no charge or obligation to the customer. Virtual surveys are available by forward thinking companies such as Forward Van Lines.

Minimum Standard Valuation and Moving Insurance.

The standard valuation in the moving industry is 0.60 cents per pound per article. Additional protection options are available and should be considered by the customer. It is the customers responsibility to adequately insure the shipment. Ask your for help.

Inventory List for Long Distance Moves

When moving long distance, we recommend you take an inventory list of all your belongings before the move date. The Foreman of the moving crew will perform a detailed inventory list on moving day that must be signed.

Moving Company Packing Vs DIY Packing

You may consider packing your own boxes to reduce the cost of labor, but you have to acquire all the material and pack all the boxes. In contrast, if the company packs all the material and labor will be included.

Long Distance Delivery Window Time Spread

The delivery window is the time frame in which you can expect your shipment to be delivered. Dedicated or guaranteed delivery dates will most likely incur an additional charge. Consumers must be clear about delivery windows.

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