Weapons, firearms & ammunition, drugs, wine, liquor, tobacco, food and new goods



Household goods may be imported duty free (including cars) provided that the owner has lived for more than one year outside EEC country and less than one year in Luxembourg and the goods have been owned and used for a minimum of 6 months before loading date at origin.

For car and Household Goods, we need the certificate of residence otherwise you pay a bond for the car of 10% duties and 15% taxes and for the goods 3.5% duties and 15% taxes.

Wine shipments must be part of a move and not new bottles.


  • A detailed packing/loading list in French, English or German.
  • A certificate of residence established at the local town hall in the commune where he is going to take residence.
  • Copy of passport.
  • Document added to the Inventory List. This may not be signed by the shipping company and therefore the shipper needs either to be present, or to send a Power of Attorney to sign on their behalf.
  • Shipper has to provide ownership for six months (invoices) and is allowed to import a few bottles (approx. 100 ltrs). Taxes – duties must be paid depending on alcoholic degree.


The original title is needed to import vehicles duty free. Failing to provide these documents will result in duties and taxes which are calculated on the value of the car being applied.

These charges can either be paid cash on customs clearance or to be paid by employer after confirmation of them or also by the agent if they confirm they accept those charges. Then we advance the bond on our side.


Some diplomats will be cleared on the basis of a form 136 F or attestation from the employer can be sufficient (Depending the cases)

Important:This information is intended for general guidance. Forward Van Lines International cannot take responsibility for any errors or oversights or for any loss or damage that may occur from its use. It is advisable to contact the Luxembourg Embassy at for more information prior to your shipping.

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