Check List

Six Weeks before Your Move

1. Call Forward Van Lines to set up a date for a visual estimate or make time to go over the details of your move with one of our relocation specialists and we will prepare a no hassle, guaranteed price, flat rate quote based on your list of items to be moved and accessorial services you desire.


2. Make sure you read the “Your Right and Responsibility” brochure. Make sure that you understand the movers full liability and if you have any questions please be sure to contact one of our relocation specialists.

3. Are you doing any packing on your own? Or are you using Forward Van Lines trained packing crew. We can help you make the right choice for you based on your abilities and budget.

4. Make sure that you show our on-site estimator all that is to be moved. While in your home we will take inventory of everything that is to be moved and not being moved, however it is the customer’s responsibility to make sure that everything to be moved is listed on the quote. Any additional items to be moved on moving day that are not listed will not be moved or moved for an additional fee only after having the original quote rescinded and a new quote made.

5. After booking your move and reserving your desired move date be sure to place all of the contact information of your estimator and coordinator in a safe place in case you need to contact the company should any changes arise. Also make sure that you keep all of the documentation that was given to you in a safe place for your records.

Four Weeks before Your Move

Compile a list of people such as friend and family members that need to know you are moving. Make sure that you have phone numbers, addresses and other pertinent contact information in a safe and reachable place. Should you need that information it will be at your fingertips. Remember that as you begin to pack and get ready for your move many things may start to get packed. You want to make sure that you keep this contact information in a place that it will not be confused and packed with other items.

Be sure to do the same with business contacts or companies that you may need to be in touch with over the course of your relocation.

Make sure to fill out a change of address form with the post office. Notifying the post office can be done very easily on the web just click the United States Postal Service Change of Address.

Make sure you remember to contact all utility providers such as:

  • Electric company provider
  • Gas or Fuel Company (natural gas, propane gas, heating oil, etc…)
  • Gas or Fuel Company (natural gas, propane gas, heating oil, etc…)
  • Water company (in most instances the city you currently reside inn)
  • Sewer distract (in most cases this is the same as your water provider)
  • Phone company (don’t forget any 3rd party long distance provider)
  • Trash or garbage pickup contract for you area
  • Cable or Satellite provider

Don’t forget your personal finance accounts such as:

  • Home or automobile insurance agency
  • Accounting firm or personal accountant
  • Real-estate agent
  • Financial broker
  • Law firm or personal lawyer
  • Doctors office or personal physician
  • Dentist office

Don’t forget to forward any subscriptions to your new address of suspend your service until you have a new address:

  • Local new paper
  • Newsletter publications
  • Magazines
  • Specialized Journals (i.e. the wall street journal)
  • Books or other types of publications

Local and federal government offices are also important:

  • City, State and federal tax office
  • DMV (department of motor vehicle)
  • Social security organization
  • Local support group
  • VA or veterans association

Three weeks before your move

It’s time to get rid of things you don’t want to take with you to your new home.

Plan a garage sale; use an online auction service or local advertising to sell unwanted items. Whatever items did not sell should be donated to local charitable organizations. Remember all donations can be deductions come tax season so make sure you keep your charity receipts. It’s time to begin using up all that frozen food you have in the freezer and consume all those canned foods that are in the pantry. What you do not use before your move should be given away,or as a last resort discarded. When shopping before your move day, try to buy only what you will use.

Now that you tried to sell or donate all of your unwanted items it’s time to confirm with your moving agent about any additional things that you may have decided to add along to the move or

Perhaps some items that were originally planned to be moved that will no longer be making the trip. It’s important to remember that it is the customer’s responsibility to notify Forward Van Lines

Relocation agents of any changes to your move and that your moving cost will fluctuate as you add or remove items to your move. This is always a good time to confirm

Addresses and contact information as well, just to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Make sure not to forget any extra stops for your pick up or delivery such as a storage unit or other locations where we may be picking up or delivering

If Forward Van lines is also helping you ship your car to your new destination make sure to confirm the drop of or pickup location of the vehicle and also don’t forget to do the

This is the same at your new destination. Remember to take anything that you may need out of the car such as your phone charger and any important paper work you may have in the glove box or center council

Two Weeks before Your Move

It’s time to start returning any DVD, books or other things you may have borrowed from friends, neighbors or family members. Don’t forget to collect what you may have lent out.

This is the time to start saying goodbye to friend, family members and neighbors. If you can, planning a goodbye party is any easy way to get everyone together and enjoy each other’s company before the move.

Children especially have a hard time when moving. Anxiety and stress are some major factor for your kids. Reinforce and comfort at every opportunity and allow ample time for saying goodbye to friends and to separate from places and things they love to do.

Making travel plans should be done in advanced. If you are planning on driving the family car to your new home it’s a good idea to have the car serviced and inspected for any potential problems before the trip. Depending on your trip it’s also a good idea to make hotel/motel reservations in advanced to ensure vacancy for your family. If traveling with a pet remember to ask if pets are accepted. If flying book your flight well in advance and allow at least 24 hours in-between your move and flight just to make sure you have some extra time if needed. The sooner you book your flight the more money you can save. Many airline companies tend to charge an additional premium for last minute flights.

Planning and Preparing for Your Move

Lawnmowers, weed whackers, edger’s, compressors and alike have to be drained of their fluids such as oil and coolant absolutely all fuels have to be drained from any item before loading onto the truck.

Please discard any 1? 2 used containers of oil and make sure that there is no fuel in any type of container.
Propane tanks should be returned for their deposit or discarded in an approved manner.

Washing machine, dryer, refrigerator, freezer and any other appliance especially those with moving parts should be prepared for shipment by an authorized technician. If you would like for an additional fee Forward Van Lines can service or arrange for service for any appliance you need. It is the customer’s responsibility to disconnect or reconnect any hard-wired electrical lines, water lines or plumbing etc.…

Call all of your utility providers and have service discontinued a day after the movers are set to arrive. Don’t forget to collect any deposits you may have placed when establishing service.

Obtain a written appraisal of any high value items or antiques to establish their value. Avoid conditioning, buffing, waking or oiling fine wood furniture or having leather or upholstery covered furniture steam cleaned or otherwise and moist on moving day because imprinting or markings from furniture protective pads can occur.

This is the time to decide on what you are doing with your pets. If taking a pet on a flight make sure to contact the airline and get a complete list of what is needed for your pet to travel. We also recommend taking your pet for a veterinarian visit to ensure your pets health for flying and to issue a sedative to relive your pet’s stress.

One to Two Days before Moving Day

Packing your belongings and making sure what ever needs to be moved is labeled and prepared is ASSENTIAL. Don’t forget to label your boxes as you are packing, this will make your life a lot simpler and your delivery streamlined on move inn day. Make sure that you label and separate whatever items are not to be moved.

Electronics such as computer, stereo components, T.V’s etc.… should be disconnected and wiring and other components such as remotes and manuals should be grouped together to prevent separation.

Make sure you go through your entire home room by room and examine every closet, attic or nook, for items you may have stored a long time ago and forgot about. Buried treasure gets left behind all the time.

Moving Day

Organization and preparation are a must for a smooth move. Have your personal items that will accompany you on your trip set aside so as not to be confused with things that are moving, its best to place these things in the family car or a closet with the door closed and a note on the door. Make sure that your phone is charged and on you at all times because moving day can be hectic and you don’t want to lose what will most likely be your only means of communication.

Review your order for service, bill of lading and other paper work that the Forward Van Lines foremen present you with. You must sign and approve this paper work prior to loading. Confirm all of the information on the paperwork such contact information and addresses. Keep all the paperwork you have signed and that was giving you by your foremen. Please keep all your paperwork in a safe place.

Forward Van Lines will complete a written inventory of all your belongings prior to being loaded on the truck. A separate inventory will be prepared for items of high value

It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure that everything that needs to be moved is loaded on the truck. Please make sure you remain at the loading site until everything is loaded on the truck

After the truck has been finished loading, you will be asked to sign all of the inventory forms of your shipment. Keep copies of all inventory forms; you will need them on delivery day

After the loading has been completed and the pick-up has been done, before leaving make sure to complete any last minute phone calls. Remember to clean before you leave or confirm with yourcleaning service

Do you need to shut off water, gas, air-conditioning, furnace, lights, lock windows and doors? Did you forget anything?

Be sure to double-check all of these things before turning in your keys.

Remain in communication with Forward Van Lines

We understand that you have a lot going on but we can’t read your mind. If there are any changes to the detail you have supplied us with, it is your responsibility to update that information as soon as possible.

We schedule deliveries based on your “first available date” if that date should change and you do not notify the dispatch department you may be liable for additional cost. We stress that communication

is key to a smooth move.

Forward Van Lines dispatcher will contact you prior to your shipment being loaded. Please make sure to answer messages and confirm ASAP. It is company policy and your job will not be loaded prior to direct confirmation.

Additionally our driver will contact you 24-48 hour prior to your delivery. We will try our best to work according to your schedule, however once the driver has given you your day, date and window of delivery you must make yourself available to accept delivery at that time.

If someone is receiving delivery on your behalf, you must notify our dispatch department to inform Forward Van Lines of the details and contact information of your representative.

Per federal law, the delivery payment for your move is due prior to unloading. Please arrange to have your payment ready and available prior to the arrival of the moving truck.

Payment for you delivery will be accepted in the form of cash, postal money order or cashiers/certified check (only from major well know national banks which are to be approved by Froward Van Lines)

We recommend having rooms labeled and a plan in place prior to your delivery crew’s arrival. It is the customer’s responsibility to check he’s or her shipment, as it is unloaded of the truck. Be sure to

Check everything on the inventory form, as it is unloaded and inspect your belongings. Make sure that every item in your shipment is accounted for and is in the same condition as it was prior to moving.

You will be asked to sign your inventory forms after completion of delivery. By signing your inventory you are acknowledging that the entire contents of your shipment is accounted for and that your shipment is in apparent good condition, accept as noted.

We recommend placing all you boxes in one concentrated location to allow furniture to be placed in their proper location per your request. Boxes can then be brought in at your own time to their appropriateroom in the house unpacked and box discarded. This form operation will allow you to stay much more organized and prevent clutter in your home.

We recommend appliances not be hooked up for 24 hours after the move to prevent damage. This especially applies to refrigerated items.

Notes and comments:

We hope that this information has helped you through the course of your move. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to call Forward Van Lines at 1-855-7-FORWARD (1-855-736-7927)

and we will be more than happy to assist you. You can also click on our Contact Us link.

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