Skyline of Omaha,NE

Forward Van Linesspecializes in providing outstanding moving services to and from Nebraska, with coverage from Lincolnand Omaha.The state is crossed by many historic trails, and was explored by the Lewis and Clark Expedition. The California Gold Rush brought the first large numbers of non-indigenous settlers to the area. Nebraska became a state in 1867.The climate has wide variations between winter and summer temperatures, and violent thunderstorms and tornadoes are common.

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Official language: English.
Demonym: Nebraskan

Capital: Lincoln
Largest city: Omaha
Area: Ranked 16th in the US
  • Total: 77,354 square miles (200,520km²)
  • Width: 210miles (340km)
  • Length: 430miles (690km)
  • % Water: 0.7
  • Latitude 40° N to 43° N
  • Longitude 95°19′ W to 104°03′ W
Population: Ranked 38th in the US
  • Total: 1,842,641 (2011est)
  • Density: 24.0per square miles (9.25km²) Ranked 43rd in the US
Elevation:Panaroma Point
  • Highest point: 5,427 with ft (1654m)
  • Mean: 2,600ft (790m)
  • Lowest point: Missouri River at Kansas border
Before statehood: NebraskaTerritory
Admission to Union:March 1, 1867 (37th)
Time zones:
  • Mountain: UTC -7/-6
  • Central: UTC -6/-5
Abbreviation: NE US-NE

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