Singapore1You may not import any goods made from endangered species. Exposed movie film or video tape must be declared on entry.



  • Immigrants, Returning Residents and Temporary Residents: Used household goods and personal effects may be imported into the Republic of South Africa duty free. Customs forms DA304 and P1.160 must be completed in triplicate and presented to the Department of Customs, together with passport, residence permit and detailed inventory (in English) for attestation. Returning residents must have been out of South Africa for an unbroken absence of at least 6 months before they are automatically entitled to duty free importation of household goods purchased while out of South Africa. Temporary Residents will only be allowed duty-free importation if they are in possession of a valid temporary work permit.
  • Foreign Diplomats: Duty free importation allowed upon production of a detailed inventory and a diplomatic clearance certificate completed and signed by relevant Embassy/Consulate in South Africa and countersigned by the South African Department of Foreign Affairs.


  • Immigrants: One motor vehicle per family which has been owned and used for a least one year prior to shipment to South Africa may be imported free of duty. Once the rand value has been determined on the motor vehicle that amount is inflated by 10% and Value added Tax (currently 14%) is payable on the value of the vehicle. A special Import Permit in quadruplicate must be obtained either from the South African Embassy in country of origin or from the Department of Trade and Industry (Import and Export Control), Private Bag X192, Pretoria 0001. This must be submitted together with attested form DA304A. Registration documents and proof of value e.g. purchase invoice. Once imported the motor vehicle cannot be sold or otherwise disposed of for 2 years.
  • Returning Residents: Full duties and taxes will be applicable unless the persons concerned can satisfy the South African Customs that when they originally left South Africa they had no intention of ever returning e.g. people leaving South Africa on temporary work contracts, extended holidays etc. are not allowed duty free importation of a motor vehicle. Thereafter the requirements and rules are the same as for an immigrant except that the Import Permit must be obtained from the Department of Trade and Industry (Import and Export Control), Private Bag X192, Pretoria, 0001.
  • Temporary Residents: A provisional payment to cover full duties has to be lodged with South African Customs which is refundable when the vehicle leaves South Africa within one year of its importation. Should the vehicle not leave South Africa within one year, then full duties will have to be brought to account and paid to South African Customs, then the provisional payment will be refunded and an Import Permit will now become applicable. Proof of value e.g. purchase invoice and valid temporary residence permit must be produced. Import Permit not applicable if re-exported within one year.
  • Foreign Diplomats: Diplomatic Certificate for motor vehicles completed and signed by local Embassy/Consulate and countersigned by the South African Department of Foreign Affairs together with proof of value must be produced. No duties or taxes applicable.


Providing the inheritor is in possession of a certified copy of the last will or testament wherein the specific items are bequeathed and an import permit, such goods may be imported duty free.


These may be imported duty free but an Import Permit has to be obtained from Import and Export Control, Pretoria, before importation. A form SAP311 must be completed and signed by the importer which South African Customs will retain and thereafter issue form SAP312 allowing the importer 60 days to officially licence the firearm with the South African Police. The firearms/ammunition have to be physically inspected by the South African Customs before they will issue form SAP312 and should therefore be packed in an identifiable package and placed in an easily accessible position in the container.


This may be imported but is liable for full duties and taxes and besides an Import Permit from Pretoria a special Removal Certificate also has to be obtained before importation.


Dogs and cats may be imported directly only from approved rabies-free countries or from countries where rabies is well controlled without quarantine.

IMPORTANT: This information is intended for general guidance. Forward Van Lines International cannot take responsibility for any errors or oversights or for any loss or damage that may occur from its use. It is advisable to contact the Embassy of Singapore at for more information prior to your shipping.

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