Spot the red flags

Source: FMCSA

When planning your move, watch out for dishonest movers (also known as household goods carriers) and brokers (also known as household goods brokers).

They typically work like this:

  • Without ever visiting your home or seeing the goods you want moved, they give you a low estimate over the phone or online.
  • Once your goof are on the moving truck, the movers demand more money before they will deliver o unload them.
  • The movers hold your goods hostage and force you to pay more – sometimes much more tan you agreed to – if you want your possessions back.


Here are the “red flags”  to look out for:

      1. The mover or broker doesn’t perform an on-site inspection of your household items and gives an estimate over the telephone or online — sight unseen.
      2. The mover or broker does not provide a written estimate or says they will determine the cost after loading.
      3. The moving company demands cash or a large deposit before the move.
      4. The mover asks you to sign blank documents.
      5. The mover or broker doesn’t provide you with a copy of the Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move booklet and a copy of FMCSA’s Ready to Move brochure, which movers are required by federal regulations to supply to their customers.
      6. The company’s website has no local address and no information about their registration or insurance.
      7. The mover claims all goods are covered by their insurance.
      8. When you call the mover, the telephone is answered with “Movers” or “Moving Company,” rather than the company’s name.
      9. Offices and warehouse are in poor condition or nonexistent.
      10. On moving day, a rental truck arrives rather than a company-owned or marked fleet truck.
      11. The mover claims that you have more belongings than estimated.

If the mover ties to charge you more than you agreed to or says you have more belonginfs than anticipated, require them to provide a new estimate that you both sign before they begin packing and loading.

If you spot a red flag while searching for a mover or broker, do not work with that company. Keep searching until you find a reputable compaIy

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