Narcotics, mobile/wireless telephones and any goods made from endangered species may not be imported. A certificate, from the Plant and Wildlife Department in the country of origin, must accompany live plants to show that they are healthy.



Used household goods may be imported duty free into Sweden provided the goods have been in the owner’s possession and used abroad for at least one year. You must have lived outside Sweden for at least one year and be intending to remain in Sweden for at least one year. Duty is payable on new goods.


  • Household goods inventory (3 copies) which must detail the contents of each carton (i.e. glasses, kitchenware, toys etc.)Descriptions as “packed by owner” etc. are not accepted by the customs. This is important to avoid extra charges if the customs officer has to make an examination at domicile because of improperly compiled inventory.
  • Signed Swedish Customs Declaration “Customs Exemption for migrants property: from off assurance” which should be signed in Sweden as it has to be witnessed by persons resident in Sweden. If signed abroad, there should only be the signature of the owner on the document and passport number. Note: The owner must have arrived in Sweden before the customs clearance can be affected. Should the goods arrive before the owner, the goods can be stored in bonded warehouse.

For diplomatic personnel, the following documents are required

  • Special permit from the Swedish Foreign Department. (Application for duty free import).
  • Household goods inventory.


Automobiles may be imported into Sweden provided they can provide:
Evidence that the owner has used the vehicle at least twelve months abroad i.e. bills of repair, statement of credit card charges, gasoline notes etc.

  • Certificate of foreign residence for at least twelve months.
  • Evidence in Sweden i.e. certificate from employer and registration for Swedish i.d. number.
  • Evidence of residence abroad i.e. from employer.
  • Insurance certificate for the last 6 months.
  • Passport.

The owner of the car must perform the clearance by himself and must be present at the customs office during the time of clearance. An environment fee will be billed according to model and catalysis system. Always check with your T.I.M.N. member in advance before shipment of all kind of vehicles.


Liquor 40%, VAT 25% of the value of the bottles & tax 501,41 SEK / litre alcohol.
Wine 25% VAT of the value of the bottles & tax 22,20 SEK / litre& duty 1,3% of the quantity.
As delays and extra charges can occur if alcoholic beverages are included in household goods shipments we strongly recommend not to include such beverages in the shipment.
Cigarettes, cigars and tobacco are also dutiable.


Firearms may only be imported after a license has been issued by the Swedish Police and has been presented to customs.


You must obtain an import license from the Swedish Board of Agriculture and this should be applied for at least 30 days before you expect to arrive in Sweden. All animals must have a veterinary certificate issued not more than ten days prior to import. Quarantine is not required if you are travelling from a Rabies free country. Animals from all other countries require 4 months quarantine. You must book your animal’s quarantine place, and receive a confirmation that a place has been reserved, before you leave for Sweden. Once the quarantine period is o er, you must keep your pet isolated from other animals for two further months. Dogs must not have been vaccinated against leptospirosis within three months prior to import.


In view of the stringent import regulations on living plants, it is recommended that these are not included in household goods shipments.

IMPORTANT: This information is intended for general guidance. Forward Van Lines International cannot take responsibility for any errors or oversights or for any loss or damage that may occur from its use. It is advisable to contact the Swedish Embassy at http://www.swedenabroad.com/en-GB/Embassies/Washington/Contact/Embassy–Consulates/#FortLauderdaleandMiami,FL for more information prior to your shipping.

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